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Successful opening meeting

Gyöngyös hosted the kick-off project event of WE4EU2022 within the framework of the Mátra Wine Festival. The delegations of the participating towns arrived in Gyöngyös on Friday morning. After the guests checked in the hotel and had lunch, the professional workshop started at 1.30 p.m. in the assembly room of the Townhall of Gyöngyös. The delegations introduced themselves, agreed on the programme of the weekend and then ceremonially signed the consortium agreement. Afterwards, the heads of delegation gave a press conference. The ceremonial opening of the event took place at 4.30 p.m. with the representatives of the guest towns introducing themselves on the stage of the Mátra Wine Festival. After the opening, they watched the dance show of the Vidróczki Folk Dance Group.

The evening ended with a cellar visit and a wine tasting dinner. The professional workshop continued on Saturday: Mayor György Hiesz presented the development strategy of the sustainable city of Gyöngyös, as well as the implemented, ongoing and planned developments. The guest settlements described the development directions they considered important. Afterwards, the events expected in the project were discussed in detail: at which event what is expected, what kind of guests are expected (eg delegation, youth group, choir / folk dance ensemble, etc.). The heads of delegation of the participating municipalities agreed on the need to develop a common development strategy during the project. After the workshop, the project managers agreed on the specifications and the professional report related to the application. During the afternoon there was a sightseeing tour: The participants visited the Mátra Museum, the Franciscan Church Collection and took a walk in the city. The evening ended with dinner and a viewing of the festival program. The project closed on Sunday and the guest settlements left the accommodation in the morning and headed home. The professional program was attended by 78 visitors from 5 countries, while the communication of the results of the project was greatly facilitated by the thousands of participants at the Mátra Wine Days Festival.


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