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Six countries are participating in the WE4EU2022 (project number: 101053930) project. The aim of the project is for participants to learn about each other's traditions and values of the European Union, while discovering each other and the potential for cooperation. The participating cities are now sharing not only their traditions but also their gastronomy. After all, friendship is best made over a delicious meal and a chat.

As in other areas of life, there are many similarities in gastronomy between the participating cities of Gyöngyös (Hungary), Kézdivásárhely (Romania), Lendva (Slovenia), Losonc (Slovakia), Lodygowice (Poland) and Melník (Czech Republic). One of these is the variety of dishes prepared in a cauldron, a kettle. We therefore show you a recipe from each country that is specific to that country and is cooked in a cauldron. Our publication is free to download!

Kiadvany egyben_compressed
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We wish you a good appetite for our recipes!


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