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The professional programme continued at the Losonc City Days

From 18 to 20 August 2023, delegations from partner municipalities gathered in the Slovakian city. Delegations from six cities - Gyöngyös (Hungary), Tergu Secuiesc (Romania), Lendava (Slovenia), Lodygowice (Poland), Lucenec (Slovakia) and Mělník (Czech Republic) - met in the framework of the Losonc City Days Festival.

Participants of the workshop were able to learn about each other's ongoing and upcoming developments and related good practices. They also shared their project development experiences.

They also had the opportunity to see the city's tourist attractions and, as a good practice, the Losonc training garden. The garden offers primary, secondary and tertiary students the opportunity to learn the basics of gardening, including the cultivation of a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs, and the keeping of bees. The programme was also enriched by the visit of volunteers from Gyöngyös student council members to the City Days. The young people made the trip between the two towns on electric bicycles to explore Losonc together with local young people during the three days of the event.


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