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WE4EU at the Vinarium Festival

The project partners met in Lendva, Slovenia, to discuss the preservation and usage of cultural heritage. On the frame of the one-week festival, the partners held a professional conference: where representatives from six participating countries discussed the preservation and use of historical heritage, on the first weekend of September. At the ninth joint event, the host municipality of Lendva presented its good practices and local customs in the field of heritage management, followed by Lucenec (Slovakia), Târgu Secuiesc (Romania), Gyöngyös (Hungary), Mělník (Czech Republic) and Lodygowyce (Poland). One of the reasons for the topic was the fact that 450 years ago three books by the famous preacher, court teacher and ecclesiastical writer György Kultsár were printed at the printing house in Lendava, which were also the first books printed in the territory of the present-day Slovenia.

The participating delegations were also able to visit the Harvest Parade, which was part of the Vinarium Festival, with more than 800 parade participants, including towns and orders of wine knights from several countries.


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